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In our many years of supplying tree removal services, we have become very familiar with the signs of a sick or dying tree, and we’re going to show you what those symptoms are so you can keep a close eye on your beloved trees.

Poor Structure – Tree Is Leaning

In some cases trees can lean to one side or another or have an odd shape that causes abnormal development. Heavy storms and bad pruning techniques are normally the reason for this.


Since decay generally starts from the inside out, this one can be very hard to see. Keep an eye for signs such as mushroom-like spores, dead branches, and breakable wood.

Weak Branches

These are also signs that your tree is ill. If your tree’s branches do not look connected to the tree, then you know there is an issue.


Some cracks in your trees are normal, while others aren’t. Overall, the cracks do not imply that your tree is unhealthy unless they are extremely deep or host bugs.


The last symptom of a sick or passing away tree is nonessential. It’s wood that is dead, meaning the branches snap off easily and the wood is dry.

All these are signs of an unhealthy or ill tree. The quicker you can find these signs, the quicker you can save your tree.

Our arborists have the training and understanding required to properly identify the indications of an ill or dying tree. The faster you get in touch with us, the better the chances you have of conserving your beloved tree.

How To Protect A Tree To Prevent It From Dying

No one wants to have a tree die on them. Fortunately, trees that are taken care of can last a very long time. Many trees can last for a century – or more – as long as they are taken care of.

Here are a few simple steps to follow to ensure that your tree will be around for a very long time.

Routine tree maintenance can suggest a variety of things. From tree trimming to regular watering, entrusting your trees to a pro can imply a longer and healthier life for them.

Here’s four simple steps you can take to healthier, longer lasting trees.

1 – Tree Trimming

Much like how we all need to get a hairstyle every couple of weeks (unless that’s not your style), trees require to be trimmed to maintain their lovely, healthy look. Regular tree cutting is important to eliminate dead branches and leaves so brand-new ones can grow.

2 – Soil Testing

If you’re discovering that your trees are looking less than their finest, soil may be the perpetrator. If your tree is a seedling or you have actually recently replanted a tree, this is specifically important. Soil screening can assist you figure out the pH levels and minerals currently in your soil, and how you can enhance it to see your trees really grow.

The typical cost of soil screening is $1,142, with a lot of homeowners paying in between $947 and $1,515. Keep in mind, this is the expense for professional services. There are plenty of Do It Yourself services offered at your local home garden store, nevertheless, they might not expose all the details about your soil that could be essential to tree development.

3 – Watering Your Tree

For brand-new trees, watering is incredibly crucial. The basic rule is 10 gallons of water per inch of the trunk’s diameter. This will assist it grow and moist out. As the roots get deeper and the tree gets bigger, the tree is able to prepare water from other areas of the grow. A big tree can get approximately 100 gallons of water through its deep roots in a day. While older and larger trees need less upkeep, more recent or replanted trees need more routine watering to remain healthy.

4 – Mulching Your Tree

More than just an ornamental component to your yard, mulch provides numerous advantages to your trees. According to the National Arbor Day Foundation, it helps insulate the ground around the tree from extreme modification in temperature levels and maintains water. This can be especially valuable for trees that have been replanted.

The amount of mulch you’ll require depends on the size of the tree itself. Many tree bases require between 3′ to 10′ of mulch around the tree. The typical cost of mulch is in between $200 and $2,000, but this will depend on the location and the number of trees you intend on mulching.

These basic actions will assist guarantee that your trees will be around for a long time!

Much like we all require a haircut every couple of weeks, trees require to be cut to maintain their stunning, healthy appearance. Regular tree cutting is important to get rid of dead branches and leaves so new ones can grow. As the roots get deeper and the tree gets bigger, the tree is able to draw up water from other locations of the grow. While older and larger trees need less upkeep, newer or replanted trees require more routine watering to remain healthy.

The majority of tree bases require between 3′ to 10′ of mulch around the tree.

These simple steps should help your tree to thrive. It’ll raise your property value, and you won’t need a tree service to come take away a dead tree.

But if you do – we’re here to help!

Why Tree Service Lancaster PA Will Be Your Best Friend When A Tree Is Unhealthy

The best thing you can do is contact us prior to it’s too late if your tree is unhealthy and sick. Our arborists offer tree services in Lancaster PA that can assist by:

  • Identifying at-risk trees
  • Notifying you about spreading out illness
  • Appropriately spraying your trees with chemicals to deal with the disease
  • If they’re leaning, bracing your trees with support
  • Giving you tree pruning and trimming services or ideas
  • Removing an unhealthy or dying tree that can not be conserved
  • Climbing up high to trim your trees

Utilizing heavy devices is too dangerous for a homeowner to operate.

If you believe your tree is sick or unhealthy, contact us today to come out and assess your trees. If there is any way to conserve your tree, we will conserve it.