The benefits of having trees in your backyard or around your premises are enormous. But when a tree dies, breaks, or severely damaged, there is no otherwise but to remove it. Some people may not be willing to lose the life-threatening trees around them because of some mere reasons. Think about your child playing outside being hit by a falling dead limb, having a coffee with some friends, and a dead limb fall on the table, crashing everything. Isn’t it a mess? Therefore there is a significant need to remove or replace these kinds of trees. Sometimes you might think of carrying the task in your ways, fine, but this can only work out when dealing with a small tree. If it comes to a tree that is tall and thick enough, do not dare to remove it on your own. In this situation, you need to look for professionals who can handle the issue. Look for tree removers nearby or who will give you the best service at a better price.

Your environment matters a lot for the whole family and visitors. That is why you need some pro to work on the affected tree. The professionals do ensure that other properties are not damaged during tree removal and the ground where no pit will be left, which might cause other hazards. You can also decide to replace the lost tree where the professionals will cater to this. You should observe critical points in the process of finding the tree service to do the work.

Things to consider before finding the trees service for the removal

Evaluate the risks before making the final decision

Safety is important when it comes to the operations that are done during the tree removal process. Therefore, it is necessary to look for professionals who will ensure that there will be no damage to the property around and people who are nearby. You don’t want things to go wrong at any chance. Any mistake can cause loss of life and property. Ensure that you have hired a qualified and licensed company to do the work.

Check the legitimacy of the company that you decide to hire.

Does the company have followed the regal requirements? Check whether the company has a license to see whether they are authorized to carry out the task. Here, you request a copy of the company’s license. An insurance cover document is another vital thing to check. It is difficult to foresee the risk happening so that you can avoid them. Therefore, the people and the property should be covered against any injury or damage caused during the operation. Any loss of property or people got injured should be compensated failure to which you will be sued in the court of law.

Check whether they have safety gear.

A team of professionals should have all the necessary tools and equipment to facilitate good work. Therefore, it is your task to observe that you are dealing with the right people on the ground. Unqualified workers will show up with simple tools like a simple ladder, which means they cannot handle the work effectively and the possibility of damages.

Get a document on the estimate.

Legitimate workers will provide a well-written document showing the estimate of the expenses you are required to pay. It helps in the documentation process and also for legal purposes if needed. You also get in a position to make an arrangement to pay for the service.

Do not pay before the work is done.

Some people may ask for payment before the actual work is done. It is not necessary since only manpower is needed to do the task and you pay later. This will make you avoid payment of services that might not be delivered.

Be aware of all details.

Enquire more information from the trees service on the work that they will undertake in your area. Whether they will cut only the affected limbs or the whole tree, replace the tree or not. What they will do with the tree is also your concern.

Be patient

Always give yourself enough time to evaluate the best prices and services offered. It is not fair to make rush decisions, which might cause disasters. Therefore, ensure that you take time to go through the companies that offer the services at an affordable price.

Get in touch with the tree service Lancaster County for the best service delivery. Here they have a team of professionals who have met all the necessary skills for the job as the customer’s specification.

Removing a tree or its parts is not a big deal when dealing with professional tree removers. The steps are taken before in the tree removal process.

Steps followed in the tree removal process.

  • Clear the area
    The immediate area to the tree should be free to allow a clean and suitable environment for the operations. The tree’s height can be estimated to know the area that the tree will cover when it comes down.
  • Examine the tree
    You might wonder the direction in which the tree will fall naturally. This can be determined by the point where it lean. Sometimes if there is an area of decay, it might interfere with the direction where the tree is intended to fall. Therefore, it is essential to observe it to avoid some mistakes that can lead to damages.
  • Chose the escape routes
    One or more escape routes should be determined so that you can run when the tree starts to fall in that direction. The path should be free from obstacles which can hider movements.
  • Have the right equipment
    All the equipment to be used should be in the working area. For a small tree, you can use a handsaw and operate on yourself, while for a tree with a thick trunk will require you to ask the professionals like Tree Service Lancaster County to do the work.
  • Make the undercut
    The professionals make a v-shaped cut at an angle of 45 degrees, which goes through a quarter of the trunk. The cutting is done at the bottom part in the direction that you have decided the tree to fall.
  • Make a back cut
    On the opposite side of the V-shape and about two inches above, a straight cut is made through the trunk. This helps to weaken the stability of the tree, thus fall in the v-shaped cut direction.
  • Run away
    The operator should carefully run away in the opposite direction, where the tree is falling.
    Other operations can be done on the fallen tree, such as removing the stump, cutting branches, and log into small pieces, which will make it easier for transportation if necessary.

    The stump can be removed by gridding it or use the stump remover chemicals. However, the stump can be incorporated as any feature for outdoor d├ęcor.

    You may not know when you are supposed to remove the tree, which might be a silent life-threatening in your compound, but some signs tell.

    The signs that show that your tree is about to fall
  • The sudden shift of the tree or start leaning.
  • When the tree has multiple trunks which make it unstable
  • A large hollow in the tree
  • When the tree branches start dropping for no reason
  • When some mushroom start growing under the tree as a result of fungi
  • When other trees nearby start falling

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